Stumps Got You Stumped?

We're there when you need a stump grinding service in Austin, TX

Stumps in your yard aren't just unsightly-they can also be dangerous. Only a stump grinding service like Aaron's Tree Service can make sure that stumps are gone for good. You can get the full package of tree removal and stump grinding. We'll cut down your trees and grind down the stumps left over.

First-time customers can get 10% off of our services or a free stump grinding. The choice is yours.

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Our stump grinding company is available to take care of any stumps left behind on your property. We'll grind them down to dust and remove them entirely. You don't want any stumps left behind. Stumps in your yard can:

  • Pose a tripping hazard
  • Make it difficult to mow
  • Attract pests and insects
  • Foster more tree growth
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